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Karen Kiefer

September 15, 2020

Mahalo for the opportunity to share my perspective as a life long resident of Kailua.
I live 5 houses from the crash site on Oneawa , and I don’t ever want any one to ever have to see what I saw or experience what I experienced that day. Our neighborhoods should not be air tour corridors and there needs to be better oversight of this industry. Even if it weren’t a safety issue, the noise from the parade of helicopters makes me feel like our rights as residents are outweighed by the rights of the industry. I also don’t think tourists have any idea how dangerous helicopter touring is in Hawaii. There is no safety rating on tour advertisements. I am sure they assume that there are safety requirements being met. As I have learned since the crash, safety and oversight are often compromised here, and it was not fair to those two women on board that flight that day. I am sure they thought they were in safe hands. Please do whats right for the community and bolster oversight and change designated flight paths to not include residential areas or state parks.

Post Author: HANSTF