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Pam Webb

September 15, 2020

In the 1950’s a military jet from Kaneohe Marine Corp flew over Kailua residential homes and crashed into a home. The pilot was killed. After that accident military aircraft stopped flying over residential neighborhoods and instead flew over ocean. I feel that helicopters should never be allowed to fly over residential neighborhoods. Recent accident with helicopter crash on Oneawa street was a red flag that should hopefully put in place laws not to allow helicopters to fly over residential communities.
There is also the noise from helicopters that is very disturbing.
The helicopters should be restricted and number of flights greatly reduced. If we have learned anything since Covid it should be that we need tourism to survive but we also need to recognize that we had too many tourists before covid. These tourists were seriously impacting the Hawaiian citizens. Less is more! Less tourists, less tour helicopters with more restrictions on both to help improve the Hawaiian lifestyle and improve public health and safety.

Post Author: HANSTF