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Carleen Ornellas

September 16, 2020

Aloha. Mahalo for creating this Task Force and the opportunity to comment. Safety in any and every form is priority, especially in our neighborhood, communities and the entire State. The crash in Kailua is still very clear in our minds and frightening. That tragic accident could have been worse if they landed on homes. It should never have happened anywhere. I don’t know if you can stop the tours, but please control where the tours are allowed to travel. Not over communities and neighborhoods. I live in the back roads of Waimanalo and the number of helicopters over head is huge. I often thought if that is green harvest or Bellow’s military training? No, its tour operations. My family and the entire community have enjoyed the beautiful scenic mountains for over 40 years from land. I understand the cost of a tour is in the hundreds of dollars. Companies are making loads of money at the expense of lives. Please restrict or stop tour helicopters. It has been proven that there are not safe and safety must be considered. Mahalo for your consideration.

Post Author: HANSTF