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Mary Tubbs

September 16, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to report that as one who lives in the upper farm area of Waimanalo, above Waikupanaha, near Kakaina St., that the helicopter noise in March, 2019 was so unbearable that it drove me to count how many copters I heard. There were 44 helicopters flying overhead!
The noise from the copters put undue noise stress on myself and my German Shepard who had extremely sensitive hearing. Every 15 minutes or so she would jump up look to the sky and bark at the helicopters who were sometimes flying less than 300 ft. right over the house or 50 yards makai side of the house. This noise pollution contributed to the dog’s eventual demise and death last year. With each copter I would need to get up, and try to calm her, very disruptive. The noises slowly decreased over months with the ability to report the daily tour helicopter noise incidents. But this took about 10 minutes out of my day each time, and I reported them about 50 times over the months. Truely a hassle. The effect took months before they seemed to fly a bit further toward the ocean, but still one would come blaring over the house on occasion. Why can’t the fly just off-shore? Please limit the flying of these commercial helios over our farm area. Waimanalo has enough helicopter noise from the military at night, when they do maneuvers up until 9:30 pm with the loud Offspree helicopters.
Our community is ta king has too much of the negative burden from air tourism, and once the pandemic is over it will be crazy noisy again unless limits are in place. Please allow them to fly off shore.

Post Author: HANSTF