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Whiting Hyland

September 16, 2020

I am retired and live in Maunawili. There were a lot of helicopters flying over my house daily before the quarantine. I went to the neighborhood board meeting where this was to be a topic of discussion. I was interviewed by the news media present (Chelsea Davis) to cover the meeting. I told her I thought there must be 40 flights over my house in a single day. My friends saw me on the news and said “No way there are 40 flights”.
So one day I started counting, thinking I was imagining how many there actually were, I got to 32 and I had left to do errands for about an hour and a half. Another Maunawili neighbor told me she counted more than 40 flights a day and had counted for more than one day. We (Kailua residents) are not missing the tour invasion since the pandemic stopped them, and quite frankly wish they would stop the invasion!
Let’s do some simple math on this. 40 flights divided by 8 hours equals 5 flight an hour or one every 12 minutes. It’s actually more frequent as there are more than the estimated 40 flights, so let’s call it one every 10 minutes.
I moved to Kailua 30+ years ago to escape the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and enjoy a more laid back time. Now the tour flights invasion has come over the mountain to change our little town.
At the neighborhood board meeting we asked if the tour companies would change their route as we had on crash right in the middle of Oneawa St. Oneawa is one of the main streets in Kailua. The representative from Magnum Helicopters said” We fly by FAA regulation and do not have to abide by what the public wants, bring it up to the FAA”.
So I am asking the FAA to limit tour flights to over the ocean and a minimum half mile out to sea to return the peace and quiet every Kailua resident wants. Not to mention the safety factor of them crashing on a Main Street.
The FAA is paid by the taxpayers and we should have a say in how the airspace above our homes is being used, after all this little town is not in a direct flight path of Honolulus’ airport.
Whiting Hyland

Post Author: HANSTF