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Bryon Lee

Sep 17, 2020

Aloha Hawaii Air Noise and Safety Task Force,

Mahalo for the opportunity to publicly comment in your virtual meeting.

This is directed to the FAA.

How is the FAA restoring safety and the lack of trust to the residents of Pearl City and the State of Hawaii following the deadly Oneawa and Kauai’s Tour Helicopter crashes and allegations of collusion and misconduct in the Honolulu Flight Standards District Office.

Where can Pearl City resident’s view FAA’s responses to the United States Senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation Chairman Roger Wicker’s letter dated July, 31, 2019?

Pearl City and Hawaii residents would like to know why doesn’t the FAA follow NTSB safety recommendations and is more concerned about the financial interests of helicopter companies instead of focusing on the safety and reduction of high levels of noise disruption to the general public?

What action did the FAA take to investigate, distance and rectify the alleged “inappropriate close relationship” between an FAA manager and a helicopter tour company involved in three crashes during the past two years?


Bryon Lee

Post Author: HANSTF