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Toni Ann Lee

September 17, 2020

My family moved to Maunawili Valley when I was a child in 1974. I left in 1981 for the mainland. When describing where I was from to others, beautiful and quiet were the most fitting description. I moved back home in 2018 and was surprised to hear all the helicopter traffic every day at all times of the day.

I lived for 6 years right next to the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. The traffic noise was a din and there would be a disruption in that din every so often with a large truck or Harley driving by. The helicopter noise here is worse than that since it pierces the peaceful quiet. It is actually impossible to hear the tv or carry on a web chat over the helicopter noise. I once counted 22 flyovers in one day. And the fact that we are wrapped in the valley by the Koolaus only amplifies the noise. Something should be done to reduce this intrusion. The silverlining of the pandemic is getting our peaceful valley back. Please help.

Post Author: HANSTF