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B.A. Alexander

September 20, 2020


O’ahu, in those areas of development, is a very dense, congested island. Therefore, I strongly oppose the flying of helicopter tour flights over ANY developed area of O’ahu.
That would include:
1. Housing developments (SF homes, condos, townhouses, high-rises, low-rises).
2. Hotel and resort areas.
3. Agricultural lands: for the safety of ag. workers.
4. “Punchbowl” National Cemetery and ALL other cemeteries on the island: for the safety of on-going burial groups and regular on-going visitors.
5. Pearl Harbor Memorial, Diamond Head, all Honolulu Botanical Gardens. This area is open to visitors on-the-ground. For their safety, no flights above.

Now, that would seem to leave flying over the Ko’olau and Wai’anae Mtn. ranges as OK for flight. However, if there were a problem, any rescue party would be in potentially dangerous conditions. Also, flying over developed areas would be necessary to reach the mountain ranges.

Therefore, helicopter tours on O’ahu ought to be restricted to designated flight paths OFF-SHORE ONLY. These flight paths ought to be based on FAA review as to flying height, distance off-shore, speed allowed et al.

Keep the residents of O’ahu safe.



B.A. Alexander
Kailua, O’ahu Resident

Post Author: HANSTF