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Jeff McKay

September 20, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. As residents and taxpayers of Kailua, we have a SERIOUS objection to the current level of disruption to our peace and happiness, created by the noise of tour helicopters around: KANEOHE BAY, LANIKAI and KAILUA BEACHES.The cone of the disruptive beat of the helicopter blades effects well-being of thousands of citizens EVERY FLIGHT for the sole benefit of 3 or 4 passengers, paying a few hundred bucks for the thrill.
The imbalance of the irritation of the entire windward population for the benefit of very few, seems ludicrous. This sort of reduction of quality of life so a few operators can make a few bucks would not be tolerated if it was construction noise, industry noise, or virtually any other recreation noise. Why is it tolerated with scenic flights? The disruptive “Sound of Freedom” from the many military activities (which I support), plus the necessary commercial jets are expected and accepted. Please consider: VIRTUAL FLIGHTS as the alternative. Properly done, the experience is near real, absolutely safe, and causes no DAMAGE to the quality of life of an outdoor society. Thank you.

Post Author: HANSTF