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David Jones

September 22, 2020

In great concern for the safety and mental health (due to environmental noise pollution) of the residential community of Pearl City due to the increased occupancy, increments of exposure and quantity of aircraft in the airspace above the area, I hereby give my comments on 2 parts:

A) The commercial and/or private helicopters, including but not limited to the Hughes 500D, Robinson R44, R22 Beta 2, R44 Raven 2, and small fixed wing aircraft, including but not limited to the Cessna 172S, 172M, 172P, 172N, 172SR Skyhawk, Diamond Da40 and Globe Gc-1B. In observation, I have witnessed the tour and/or private helicopters, and small fixed wing aircraft with a flight path, from many different directions, placing them in close proximity above the 2 towers at the Pearl Highland area, have been recorded at calibrated altitudes ranging from 812 ft to 1400 ft. These aircraft display a mixed bag of flight plans but all share a common crossroad and intersect above my head at different altitudes and moving in different directions, sometimes seeing 2 to 3 aircraft all in the same airspace just above the 2 towers. I have observed the paths of these flights coming in and out from the HNL airport and they appear to be that of a pilot in training, circling back around from Waipio, circling over the 2 towers. There is a clearly visible insecure handle on the aircraft, and are most likely training or receiving instruction over my head and the community. Another observation is the number of “joyrides” above our community mas some of the flight paths lead to no specific destination and circles above over and over and over again for sometimes more than an hour. The frequency of visual and audible disruption of these aircraft combined are anywhere between 8 am, when I wake up, and 8pm every 5 to 20 minutes, 7 days a week.

B) The military aircraft from multiple branches, including but not limited to the Apache, Black Hawk, Chinook, Osprey and the Super Stallion. While the Military is the elephant in the room and no one seems to want include them in this discussion, they are still a part of the issue as a whole. I am unable to collect any data on these aircraft and not allowed to measure their altitude, but I am still very much impacted by their presence in the airspace as any other aircraft flying above my head, in a more extreme way. I have recorded an increase in military aircraft and witnessed 2 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters do maneuvers between the 2 towers at very low altitudes in early April 2020 and from that point on, have video recorded over 116 videos of the pass overs to confirm their increased volume and presence over the Pearl City community. The aircraft vibrate the entire building with a low-end sound frequency and rattle wall hangings, sometimes setting off car alarms. I have observed these aircraft flying overhead from 8am to 9pm every 10 to 30 minutes, daily and sometimes as late as 12 midnight.

In conclusion, regardless of whether these aircraft are commercial, private, or military, they impact the residential community in the same way. The intense and constant noise pollution affects mental health stability as proven in many studies. With higher volume of aircraft in any general area, the risk of accidents rise as seen in the last 10 years in the state of Hawaii with the number of documented crashes from commercial, private and military aircraft incidents. Another impact is that on the film industry. My business in the film industry has been affected for an exceptionally long time. When we are shooting outdoor scenes with sound, we are constantly being disrupted and forced to pause production because of the constant noise pollution caused by these aircraft. It seems unfair that I must pay people to stand around and wait for the aircraft to pass by at their leisure while my business losses considerable income for loss in production time. These are my concerns as I am impacted personally – mentally and economically, notwithstanding my residential community but also my business community as well.

Post Author: HANSTF