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Lea Hollingsworth-Ramsey

September 22, 2020

I am a resident of Lanikai, Kailua. I have lived in Kailua for 45 years. My husband Bruce Ramsey, is a born and raised in Kailuan and has lived in Lanikai for 57 years. We are opposed to tour helicopters flying over residential areas in Kailua because of the noise it generates and the risk it poses to the community. In the last 10 years, the amount of helicopter traffic over our home has increased significantly. People have suggested it’s because potential home owners/ investors/ tourists want to see the Lanikai community from the air. They can easily see the community and all the main highlights of the area from the ocean and away from our houses. We already live with an incredible amount of tourist traffic in our small beachside community. They flood our streets, walking and parking everywhere. Now we are being assaulted from the air with their helicopter noise and traffic. We deserve some peace and quiet. We deserve to be safe in our homes without the fear of a helicopter crash landing in the street. These tour helicopters fly really low at times, and it is a big concern. Our children, grandchildren, and pets are frightened by noise. This needs to stop.
The helicopter that crashed in Kailua, crashed really close to my mothers house. Besides killing all who were on board, it could have killed and injured a lot of innocent children if it had crashed into a school or daycare facility. There are preschools, churches and tennis courts not far from where the helicopter crashed. Thank goodness more weren’t killed. The accident was a wake-up call, a call to action to stop the unnecessary air traffic over our homes.

If the helicopter flight is not police, military, or emergency services related, then it should not be flying over residential property. Period.

Thank you for considering my testimony,
Lea Hollingsworth-Ramsey

Post Author: HANSTF