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Claudine Tomasa

September 23, 2020

Claudine M. Tomasa
1268 Mokapu Blvd.
Kailua, Hawaii 96734

To: Co Chairs Ford Fuchigami, Alex Tamoria, and Committee Members of the Hawaii Air Noise and
Public Safety Task Force
Re: Public Meeting of September 24, 2020
Date: September 23, 2020

As a resident of Kailua (96734) I am requesting committee members to place their focus upon the Public Safety of communities and properties on the ground as well as aircrew and passengers on board commercial tour helicopters. We do not want another (April 29, 2019) tragic accident to happen again – in Kailua or any other neighborhood in the State of Hawaii.

The Kailua Neighborhood Board #31 presented their September 15, 2019 Resolution Relating to Public Safety and Urgency to Support Stringent Regulation and Enforcement of Tour Aircraft Operations Over Kailua (96734) to the FAA and the Hawaii Helicopter Association (HHA). For this reason I specifically request that:
– HHA members and other tour operators immediately and voluntarily stop tour helicopter overflights of densely populated areas of Kailua (96734) defined by boundaries depicted on FAA Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Sectional (yellow areas) and that overflights of less densely populated areas of Kailua (96734) (green areas) be reduced by utilizing multiple different routes -such as air space over the Kaneohe Marine Corp Base Hawaii.
– Tour helicopters operate at a minimum altitude of 2000 feet above the closest land mass, island community, public park, or building, as safety permits, AND operate to a minimum distance of one mile off shore, as safety permits.
– All air tour operators in Hawaii meet FAR Part 135 certification standards.
– Air Tour Operators and other small aircraft comply with the NTSB’s Top Ten Safety Recommendations pertaining to Air Tour Operations (

Thank you for allowing me to participate and voice my concerns and request(s).

Post Author: HANSTF