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Jay Stuart Marion

September 23, 2020

I submitted the following comment to the Pearl City group but I am sure it pertains to all parts of the island
as well.


It is my intent to voice my concerns regarding increased helicopter tour activity and the resultant increase in noise. The areas affected that are most noticeable to me are Ala Moana Park, Ala Wai Boat Harbor, and Pearl City (CPP Twin Towers Area). After a complaint to one of the more easily identifiable tour operators, I was informed that they are operating within the requirements of the FAA. I don’t doubt this. However, I feel that the operating minimums established to provide adequate flight operation safeguards fall short in the area of nuisance noise. It has been my experience that helicopters near the beach, the tennis courts, the boat harbor and residential towers are operating safely but because of noise are preventing people on the ground from their right to the quiet enjoyment of their lives. I am a pilot myself and understand the appeal of aviation for aviators and the general public. Regrettably the world is changing, fast. Our increasingly crowded landscape and skies need to be managed to not only ensure safe operation but also increase consideration for those on the ground regarding noise and invasion of space.

Jay Marion

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