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Jeannine Johnson

September 24, 2020

Due to the escalating public concern on both the safety and quality of life issues because of recent fatalities and continuing unsafe flight patterns, low altitudes and high noise levels of commercial and tour helicopters flying over Hawai‘i’s communities, the Kuli’ou’ou / Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board #2 passed a resolution on 11/7/2019 requesting to immediately ground tour and commercial helicopter operations in Hawai‘i until a thorough and detailed investigation of the recent fatal crash in Kailua town could be completed with full public disclosure. Neighborhood Board #2 also fully supports and endorses substantially increased regulation of tour helicopters and small aircraft and there requested the FAA Honolulu Air Traffic Control and Flight Standards District Office Managers, the Hawai‘i Congressional Delegation, and the Hawai‘i State Department of Transportation Airports Division work together to ensure immediate remedies and controls through stringent regulations and enforcement of tour helicopter and small fixed-wing charter aircraft operations. Mahalo for your kōkua in addressing this rapidly increasing safety risks in the air as well as on the ground.

Aloha, Jeannine Johnson
Subdistrict 7 Representative (Niu Valley)
Kuli’ou’ou / Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board #2
(East Honolulu)

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