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Mo Radke

September 24, 2020

Having heard the meeting in its entirety on Tuesday, September 22 the following are germane:

On this task force, there is no community representation. While there is community input, not having representatives from the community in the room where it happens seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy to develop industry-focused solutions and marginalizing community concerns. Task Force composition is a critical element to making productive strides and contributing DURING discussions and not in the decision vacuum after-the-fact.

Many organizations contributed their mana’o and touted safety as a key element of their charters – It did not appear that tour operators were/are mandated to join any of these groups or comply with their standards. I understand that these organizations may provide data for the decision-making process but
If there are no requirements for Hawaii operators to join these organizations, their voice is moot and tour operator compliance to operating productively falls flat.

While definitions are important, I felt like the issue at hand was diluted by classifications and definitions that may have no relevance. While I now have a better understanding or routing, classifications, etc. I would rather move towards solutions – I’ve always been cautious that when definitions become the feature in a discussion, other important issues suffer.

Facilitator: Can we get an understanding of this process and what are the immediate next steps?

Possible solutions:

All helicopters operating must have their tail number registered with the state, provide a local address and point of contact phone number and email.

Stop flying over residential areas until tour operators, ATC, FAA, community meet and hash out approved routes to spots where tour operators want to access and egress.

Mo Radke,
Chair, Kaneohe Neighborhood Board #30
Member, Kaneohe Bay Regional Council
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