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Rene Garvin

September 24, 2020

Pearl City and Kailua are not the only neighborhoods impacted by these low flying, loud tour helicopters as it seems to be island-wide. I am writing to let you know that Hawaii Kai, before the Covid-19 shutdown, was overwhelmed by them and will be again after the shutdown ends unless something is changed. I suspect that tours covering Kailua include Hawaii Kai on their routing to Kailua for a scenic tour! Our neighborhood board received multiple complaints from residents and submitted a resolution to federal, state, and county authorities with our request to regulate these helicopter flights.

These helicopters fly so low and are so loud that my house shakes when they go over and I cannot even hear the radio or the other party on a phone conversation. Imagine a baby or an elderly person who is ill trying to nap or rest under these conditions! Additionally, there are often entirely too many of them – coming sometimes every 5 – 10 minutes – in a single day, from early mornings until evening and even circling around the area multiple times.

We also learned that they are not held to the same safety standards as other aircraft, which is frightening to consider. There have been serious accidents and although none have happened in Hawaii Kai it seems clear that it is only a matter of time before it happens.

Please improve the safety standards and regulate the frequency, altitude and noise from these invasive and dangerous overflights of our residential neighborhoods. Thank you.

Post Author: HANSTF