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Bruce Lum

September 25, 2020

Aloha kākou and mahalo for the opportunity to comment on the issue at hand. My opening thought for all of us is, in Hawaiian, A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia.
No task is too big when done together by all.

My name is Bruce Lum, l have lived in Halawa for 59 of my 73 years. I have been tracking by using the Flightradar24 app. I decided to participate in this task force, because the volume of air tour traffic over my home had reached 20 per hr from 6:45a to 7:45p every day. Thatʻs 260 total flights a day over my house, during the summer. This is outrageously excessive and puts all of us in this extensive and broad flight path at greater risk, danger and disruption of home life. This extreme level of air tour invasion over residential neighborhoods is not justified and must cease.

At Tuesday’s Hawaii Air Noise and Safety Task Force webinar for Pearl City, the presentation we saw helped me grasp how easy it is for the air tour industry and the government to define and espouse air safety, and how much needs to be done by government and the air tour industry to deliver on those touted ideals and standards.

At ground level, there are exemplary industry associations and councils setting high industry standards, however, membership remains primarily voluntary and optional.

The current air tour industry model is primarily producing industry support and promotion. This legacy model lacks effective (1) air tour industry monitoring, (2) standards assurance, (3) progressive and attentive governance and (4) enforcement.

At the most basic level, what is needed now is authentic and genuine actions by government and the air tour industry to work closely with the public towards a more robust and sustainable air tour industry model. Ideally, a truly inclusive model will have robust government, industry and public interaction at its core. A new model with clear deliverables in (1) noise and safety standards, (2) updated best practices and (3) achievable success measurements that will be honored and fair to all concerned.

I have high expectations for this task force and I hope this HANSTF will deliver what the public deserves – Safety, peace and quiet. We, the citizens of Hawaiʻi look forward to a better model and a closer collaborative engagement with this task force, government and the air tour industry.

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