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Daniel Brown

October 4, 2020

I am Dan Brown and I live in Kailua HI. I am extremely concerned about the tour helicopter industry on Oahu with regard to the safety aspect of us who live under their flight path as well as the accompanying noise nuisance. Two tour helos have crashed on Windward side of Oahu within last 28 months – both of which had flown over my home minutes before crashing. Coupled with that, I experience 8 – 10 tour helos over my neighborhood every hour from 8am until approximately 6pm every day of the week. I am concerned about the safety of my community and the serenity of our daily quality of life. I strongly support moving tour helos one mile offshore to enhance safety of those of us who live directly under their flight paths and to enhance quality of life for us as well. Thank you for allowing me to express my concern. I also strongly support allowing citizen representatives on the Task Force!

Post Author: HANSTF