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Don Horner

November 9, 2020

I have lived on the north shore of Oahu for many years. Over the last 18-24 months, noth Army and Marines aircraft have significantly increased their helicopter (Army from Schofield) and Osprey (Marines aircraft from Kaneohe Air Station) flight over our neighborhood homes and along the beach (overhead of families). During their military exercises, they do consistent low flight patterns over our homes up to 11pm. We have complained to both milirary bases via our community association but, the flight patterns have not changed. It is both a noise and safety issue. We understand, the need for training but, rather taking flight path over homes at low elevations-they could/should fly over the ocean until they get to their training sites which has been the case on the past. We cannot understand why they have chosen to use residential areas and beach front as new flight paths.

Post Author: HANSTF