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Peter Realnut

November 30, 2020

Too many helicopters carelessly fly at low altitude over our Puna residence. While the folks soaring above our heads enjoy the sights, they seem oblivious to the facts that they constantly invade our privacy, disturb our peace, pollute our air and risk killing us, considering that an average of two tour helicopters have crashed annually in Hawaii over the past thirty years. I have yet to meet a neighbor who does not have something negative to say about this awful racket. But that’s not all! I noticed more and more small private planes loudly and at times dangerously “playing” over our heads. They carelessly disturb the environment’s harmony, and are more dangerous than the tour helicopters, because they get to bypass all FAA regulations. Don’t forget that “Three people were being treated at Hilo Medical Center after a single-engine plane crashed Tuesday at Hilo International Airport. The Cessna 172, operated by Iolani Air Tour Co., crashed shortly after takeoff around 1:50 p.m., according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor.” (Hawaii Herald Tribune, 4/15/15). For some reason, the newspaper did not report that the crash actually occurred near a school filled with children; and the young pilot did not have his license yet. By the way, many more small planes have crashed in Hawaii since then, and many did crash before this sobering accident. Are we really waiting for the unthinkable before finally taking adult, responsible measures? Mahalo nui for your help and consideration. Peace be with your spirit and with your heart. Aloha

Post Author: HANSTF