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Jacqueline Conant

December 4, 2020

Would like to get answers for these questions in today’s meeting. Congressman Case is unable to attend today.

I won’t make today. Would like you to ask four questions for me in the meeting:

(1) What specific changes in industry procedures have been implemented or agreed to as a result of your first two public meetings?

(2) What specific timetable with specific action items has been adopted to respond specifically to public concerns raised in these meetings?

(3) I again specifically ask for a full copy for public review and comment of the latest draft of the anticipated updated Hawai’i Air Tour Common Procedures Manual. I have made this request repeatedly to both the FAA and the industry. The FAA says it is the industry’s draft and the industry can provide, while the industry says it is the FAA’s to provide. As neither the FAA nor the industry has any objection to the other providing, please confirm now jointly that it will be produced at this time.

(4) There are various reports of tour helicopters operating over the past months without ADS-B turned on. The result is that specific identifying information is not available to track flights and report issues. Will the industry confirm that it is required to turn on ADS-B throughout all flights or, if it claims it is not required, that all industry members are doing so voluntarily? If any industry member is not turning on ADS-B, why not?

Deputy Chief of Staff
Office of Congressman Ed Case (HI-01)
1132 Bishop St., Suite 1910

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