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David Montgomerie

December 1, 2020

Excessive helicopter noise levels
In Hawaii.

I’m writing in support of the ongoing effort to require a reduction of commercial helicopter flight noise levels affecting residents of the Island of Hawaii.
In normal times helicopter noise levels mauka of the Laupahoehoe region are so bad that conversation in the home is impossible for one to two minutes as a flight approaches This happens perhaps 5 time daily, I estimate. The helicopters operating from Hilo produce far higher noise levels than do the Blue Hawaiian aircraft, and should not be permitted to operate in Hawaii, as I understand is the case elsewhere in the US for those machines.
Currently, helicopter noise levels, or corporate profits above all else, penalize Big Island residents and compromise our right to a relatively peaceful existence in the State of Hawaii. The best interests of citizens of Hawaii should be a priority.


David Montgomerie

Post Author: HANSTF