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Argon Steel

December 2, 2020


I’ve lived in Hawaii since 1999 and in Hilo for the last 3 years. As long as I’ve lived here, everyday citizens have been begging helicopter tour companies to show some aloha and imploring our Federal, State and Local governments to carry out greater regulation. In all this time, the problem with excessive helicopter noise has been simply getting worse and the only answer we get from government is to set up yet another “commission” to “study the problem.” There is no more need for study! It’s quite simple; a few people are gaining a great deal of wealth at the expense of the vast majority of the Hawaii Island population.

If I was to generate helicopter-level noise on my property, I would have the police shutting me down in a heartbeat. But helicopter tour operators subject our communities to this level of annoyance daily and repeatedly, and in spite of wide-spread community opposition, the problem just keeps on getting worse with nothing done.

At this point, since it has become apparent that there is no way to regulate helicopter noise, I urge you to simply ban all helicopter tour operations in Hawaii.

Thank you.

Argon Steel

Post Author: HANSTF