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Bryon Lee

December 2, 2020

Hawaii Air Noise and Safety Task Force,

As I read through the multitude of submitted testimony going back two months from your first virtual meeting it is hard to not be aware of the sense of disappointment, growing anger and rage from the general public/residents due to your lack of action to address serious health, privacy, quality of life and safety concerns.

Lives have already been lost because of your inaction to implement documented public NTSB recommendations time and time again from each deadly crash site investigation or even enforce existing regulations.

How did FAA control towers allow tour helicopter documented flight operations to continue during Governor Ige’s Covid-19 non-essential business lock down witnessed on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii island by the residents of the state?

Since no public testimony has even been addressed for 2 months now I will re-submit my testimony from the Sept. 22, 2020 virtual meeting.

The time is now to take action and protect the lives that you were entrusted.

We are tired of wasting our time trying to get you to do your jobs.

This is directed to the FAA.

How is the FAA restoring safety and the lack of trust to the residents of the State of Hawaii following the deadly Oneawa and Kauai’s Tour Helicopter crashes and allegations of collusion and misconduct in the Honolulu Flight Standards District Office.

Where can Pearl City resident’s view FAA’s responses to the United States Senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation Chairman Roger Wicker’s letter dated July, 31, 2019?

Hawaii residents would like to know why doesn’t the FAA follow NTSB safety recommendations and is more concerned about the financial interests of helicopter companies instead of focusing on the safety and reduction of high levels of noise disruption to the general public?

What action did the FAA take to investigate, distance and rectify the alleged “inappropriate close relationship” between an FAA manager and a helicopter tour company involved in three crashes during the past two years?

You know the increasing anger resulting from your inaction to address noise and safety concerns for years but continue to fail the public from taking any meaningful action.

Bryon Lee

Post Author: HANSTF