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Vince Mills

December 2, 2020

Having lived in Captain Cook for over 15 years gives me the confidence to speak here. During my time in Kona Mauka I was blessed in not having helicopters buzzing my nondescript farm. When visiting my friends in Kahaualea and Kamoamoa I found the steady drone of helicopters detracted from my enjoyment. Such intrusion offers nothing positive for residents and visitors alike.

Add to that the danger created by those flights and the solution seems apparent. Tour operators, in search of that last dollar for their coffers, have regularly violated and placed in jeopardy the lives of Hawaiian residents.

The covenant of quiet enjoyment states that a tenant has the right to enjoy his or her abode without “substantial interference” from the landlord. Substitute County government for landlord and Puna for abode and act upon the right of the common man for quiet enjoyment.

Post Author: HANSTF