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Brent Magstadt

December 3, 2020

My name is Brent Magstadt; I live in lower HPP in the Puna district, and have been in this same location for almost a dozen years. I logged helicopter flights over my house, in the early days. Sometimes I’d have 75 helicopters coming over on a given day. I contacted the FAA. They sent a guy out to supposedly monitor altitude for flyovers; nothing ever changed. I’ve been to hearings and meetings, written (yet another) letter after letter, tracked decibels, had a blog at one point…
All standing against tour copters flying over ANY residential areas.

If Machu Pichu and Brooklyn can do it, why can’t we?

Our greatest asset, and the value I appreciate the most in Hawai’i is the aina. Without the nature that exists here, Hawai’i becomes just another crowded street. We need to appreciate the peacefulness and power of the places we live, as humans. And if you’ve ever been in a serene mindset and had a helicopter suddenly fly over your house (not even mentioning the altitude variations all below the supposed established limit), then you might understand what chaos these tours cause. There have been studies showing children suffering learning disabilities due to exposure to constant aircraft overhead.

Truthfully – and so sadly – this pandemic has been the best thing to happen to our individual collective environmental serenity in a very long time.

Don’t let our homes be invaded by this monstrosities any longer, please.They can be re-routed, they can be limited.

Let’s put an end to this crazy audio barrage once and for all.
Brent Masgstadt

Post Author: HANSTF