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Jojo Tanimoto

December 2, 2020

1) This meeting does not include Kawaihae. Why not? We are being severely impacted for over 30 years; but we are not included.

2) The tour helicopters and military especially; fly at low altitudes over our homes and the Pu’u Kohala Heiau at Kawaihae National Park. The vibration from the blades cause our homes to shake; and cause a cultural and structural risk to the Heiau-which has no cement to hold it together.

3)The noise disrupt our conversations and hearing discussion with Hawaiian Homes Commission, OHA board meetings, government meetings and organization meetings. I am a teacher and my students cannot hear me; and I cannot hear them.

So, how do I know the helicopters and small planes are flying too low? According to the State Health Department, my septic system is at 600 ft. elevation. My daughter lives at the 200 ft. elevation.
4) When the tour helicopters and military aircrafts (helicopters and small planes) fly over our subdivision, I can see the pilot sitting in their seat from my dining table.

4) When the tours and military fly over our subdivision, they are in direct alignment with the
Pu’u Kohala Heiau at the Kawaihae National Park.

I would like to know what changes this Task Force can help implement to help our Kawaihae community. Please respond. Mahalo for the opportunity to comment in this forum. Aloha

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