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Jojo Tanimoto

December 3, 2020

Mahalo for the opportunity to make comments. I hope I can make the meeting tomorrow, if not, please reply a response.

I live in Kawaihae, on Hawaiian Homelands, near Kawaihae harbor. We have two subdivisions; one at the shoreline below the Commercial area, and one along the mountainside ranging from 200 ft to 800 ft. My daughter lives at 200 ft.; and I live at 600 ft elevations.

The FAA and the military keep telling us that helicopters fly over the ocean. Well, that is not true because the tours and especially the military fly lower than that-and this needs to stop.
From my breakfast table, I can see the pilot sitting in his seat.

The second issue is, when the helicopters fly over Hawaiian Homelands subdivisions, that is the alignment over the Pu’u Kohala Heiau at the Kawaihae National Park. The low flying noise disrupt our tv broadcasts; especially when we participate in homestead commission meetings, OHA board meetings, school curriculum and community and government meetings.

The vibration from the helicopters shake our homes. I have lived in Kawaihae for thirty-five years. My home is held together by the termites. I worry who will replace our homes if they fall apart. I have not seen any regulations to compensate for these tragedies. It’s about time these tour helicopters share their revenue; and the military move over the ocean-like we are told constantly or fly high enough so they don’t impact our lives and livelihoods.

Third, I think it is about time Kawaihae is recognized; for example, this meeting is for Hilo and Kona. What about including Kawaihae as well?

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