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Malanai Arcuri Arcuri

December 3, 2020

hello! i would like to say first of all that i have been enjoying my home in mountain view in total peace for nearly a year now with zero helicopter noise thanks to covid 19!its wonderful up here! previous to that we were living in” hell on earth” with up to 80 flights over my house per day! each copter can be heard for 3 min 22 seconds times 80 and growing sunrise to sunset. many fly so low that the air in my home is displaced,and the roar rumbles the walls. no this isn’t Vietnam.. its mountain view Hawaii.hour after hour day after day holidays can drive you nuts!! sometimes i have to leave home just to have peace…that’s not right ! its my home! why?because a tourist wants to see a lava flow or volcano.. this is why our life is compromised?no this is not right i have raised 5 good sons over the 31 years in this home i built. we love it here, its our home and our retreat! but prior to covid all we could think about is leaving and selling due to the mass of helicopter traffic! but how can we sell? needs some remodeling…markets low..where we going to go?its hard to leave the family home of 31 years but we have no choice if helicopter traffic resumes!!!. when there is 2,3,4,5,6 copters in a row its like the war zone its like your under attack! its so loud you feel it! i have been outside during safari and paradise renegade low fliers which made my ears ring for 2 hours and sore for 2 days! incidents like this are common and are getting worse! let them fly over water to see lava,they will just have to charge more to get there!not a problem they are tourists they come to spend and they will still fly for more! .BUT making our life a living hell of noise is not what is right! there is right… and there is wrong…so take a look…. this is clearly wrong and funded by helicopter companies wanting to make the maximum amount of money they can the without regard for those whose lives they disturb and ruin and pollute with high decibel unregulated noise! they don’t care! yes they really don’t care!they want the money!!!!the money!!!!us guys on the ground…we are nothing just another object far below.they can fly high or low and you cant say hey your too loud go higher or fly somewhere else,they have the power you are nothing.we are helpless… i have made many many calls to them about the noise.,they don’t want to do anything for you and tell you to “GO complain to the feds!” sincerely from: long time mountain view resident malanai arcuri

Post Author: HANSTF