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Malia N

December 3, 2020

Tour helicopters & aircraft noise have ruined my family home. We have lived by Diamond Head, on the Black Point peninsula, for 3 generations. Beginning in 2015 the volume of tour helicopters became out of control. Prior to COVID we had 70+ tour helicopters flying over our home, 7 days a week, from dawn until dusk, with INCESSANT noise and ZERO flight paths. They fly directly over our home at low altitude, or barely off-shore, at almost eye-level to our cliffside home. All are flying over or near Shangri La to get a view and don’t care at all about the impact on residents who live here. We pay a premium in taxes to keep our homes, and yet our peaceful enjoyment of our homes is violated EVERY SINGLE DAY in the most population-dense area of the entire state. It is EXTREMELY invasive, so loud, and absolutely not ok. It is a direct violation of privacy. We cannot even use our outdoor shower because of the constant stream of tour helicopters flying over our very private home! Additionally, I work as a therapist and work primarily with trauma patients. It is extremely unsettling for my clients to have the loud thundering noise continually interrupt our sessions, and I feel so sorry for the families that live nearby with young children. Also, due to the NextGen re-routing of fixed-wing flights out of HNL, jet and small engine aircraft now fly in a constant stream over our homes all night. This re-route was implemented in Hawaii in 2017. We have had neighbors MOVE because of the impact of aircraft noise 24 hours a day. We have neighbors who are suffering immensely. One helicopter impacts thousands of residents in our densely populated region and it MUST STOP.

Post Author: HANSTF