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Samantha McCloskey

December 3, 2020

I just submitted this to Hilo/Kona town meeting but then realized it already took place…if you could please forward this along to someone who would be able to help I would very much appreciate it. thank you!

Aloha, I’ve lived on Kalanianaole Ave in Hilo for over 3 years. The runways at the airport run parallel to my home and occasionally in the past we would hear a Hawaiian airlines planes off in the distant which was no bother. Since this spring there has been a huge increase in noise and traffic. Commercial/military/cargo planes have been flying directly over my home at all hours of the day and night. I know Hawaiian and Southwest are not supposed to be flying over residential areas like this. My biggest concern is the cargo planes, which are flying directly overhead between 2-8am every night. Besides being sleep deprived for months now, there have been numerous occasions where my house has filled with smell of jet fuel, causing severe headaches and nausea. Previously the planes would fly straight back over the forest reserve and then turn left to go over the ocean, now the planes are taking off and banking left immediately, flying directly over mine and my neighbor’s homes…I have contacted the military, FAA and the airport, however no one has been willing or able to help me. I have screen shots on my phone showing the planes flying directly over my house at all hours, please let me know if there is a way I can submit them. All I am asking that the planes resume their previous flight path and not fly directly over residential areas especially during the night…thank you, your help is so very much appreciated!

Post Author: HANSTF