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M Nolan

December 6, 2020

Its Sunday morning. What should be a peaceful, quiet Sunday morning for time with family and worship is interrupted EVERY 15 MINUTES (OR LESS) TODAY with tour helicopters flying directly over our house. Its not even 10 am yet and we’ve already had 10 flying directly overhead. Pre-COVID we had 70+ a day, 7 days a week, from 7am until dusk. The noise is relentless and unacceptable. We live on the Papu peninsula by Diamond Head on Oahu, on the coast. We pay a premium to have a peaceful ocean view, quiet and privacy. And yet somehow tourists’ enjoyment of our view and gawking at our homes like they are a free-for-all-display is more important to you than BASIC REGULATIONS SUCH AS FLYING OFFSHORE FAR AWAY ENOUGH TO NOT HAVE NOISE IMPACT ON RESIDENTS OR HAVE OUR PRIVACY VIOLATED. You have ruined our peace, our enjoyment of our homes, our time with family, our community well-being, the sanctity of our land, the quiet for prayer and introspection, our time for worship, and don’t seem to care at all. Shame on you all.

Post Author: HANSTF