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David Gross

December 24, 2020

Further comments to my previous email in early December:

I attached 2 PDF’s with screen shots of various flights – fixed wing and helicopter – tour, flight school, private and commercial fixed wing aircraft.

While I previously commented about flying over the Kohala Coast resorts with helicopter tours, I would like to further the discussion regarding the other aircraft mentioned above. While most of the time, the various aircraft are flying above legal height limits, it does not mean that there are still not noise and safety issues on the ground. I would ask that the Task Force consider placing limitations on all aircraft (where possible), from flying over the South Kohala Coast resorts as there are multiple air corridors with uninhabited vacant land and over the ocean that would still allow those aircraft access to other parts of the island (such as Waipio Valley, the coast, etc.). That way, those on the ground would not be subjected to noise and possible safety issues from overflights. Even a twin engine fixed wing aircraft flying at 4000 feet is loud when heard on the ground!

The current approach to Waimea airport places commercial and private aircraft directly over Waikoloa Beach and Waikoloa Village. Perhaps a viable consideration also, would be to move the approach a few miles south of both, so there would be no flying over residential areas.

Overtime, as things recover in the state, we know that there will be more and more people and more residential and commercial development, We can also assume that there will be more flights as well. It would be very positive for the So. Kohala resort residential and commercial developments that cater to many thousands of residents, employees and visitors (which supply a large amount of property, sales and GET taxes to the County and State coffers) if the various flight organizations and the FAA to take as many steps as possible mitigate the existing noise and potential safety issues now rather than later. It will only make living and being along the coast a more viable and pleasant experience and enhance its value to everyone who is living, visiting or working here, while still allowing those aircraft to travel freely to their destinations with minimal changes to their current flight behaviors. Thank you for your consideration!

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