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Bob – For the HICoP Board

April 21, 2021


Please post for all HANSTF to see and for reference for future meetings.

This is a screenshot provided today.

The N number is not displayed, probably blocked, regarding ADS-B HANSTF discussions/presentations at recent meetings.

The other point the provider relays is that the copter is operating offshore north of Hilo and then comes overland transiting over a very developed residential area.  This is what noise complaints are all about.

So how to cease noise complaints, DO NOT TRANSIT OVER OCCUPIED PROERTIES, SIMPLE, stay offshore.

This is a follow-up to the April 20, 2021 HANSTF meeting where ADS-B was on the agenda for the multiple time and where HANSTF Goal “Address noise concerns” was again not addressed with any meaningful action, which is the case since the implementation of HANSTF January 2020. 



For the HICoP Board

Totally unnecessary flyover while writing this email.

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