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Bob – For the HICoP Board

April 21, 2021


If the Goal of the Task Force is “Address noise concerns pertaining to the Hawaii air tour industry” it has been a failure to date since no meaningful action has been taken and there is non on the horizon.

The co-chairs were again absent from the meeting so agenda item 4 going back to the January 21, 2021 HANSTF meeting regarding a study consultant remains unexplained.

Agenda item 6.a. by the FAA did not provide any reference to how the FAA will address “noise”.

Hawaii is the most tour copter impacted State in the Nation yet we have had no meaningful action to address the Hawaii tour industry noise provided by the HANSTF Task Force Members.

So another 3 months to the next quarterly meeting and another 3 months of totally unnecessary tour copter noise nuisance pollution torture for the people of Hawaii.

HICoP suggests that the next meeting, 3 months away, be exclusively dedicated to the common knowledge existing noise dilemma that is created by the tour copters transiting over occupied properties and how this noise torture can be eliminated forthwith.



For the HICoP Board

Post Author: HANSTF