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CT Reatherford

July 12, 2021

I purchased my land in the Fern Forest subdivision of the Big Island a year and a half ago and every single day that the sun is shining, I have to endure up to a dozen helicopters per day flying mostly directly over my property. We don’t get a lot of sunny days in this subdivision but the few that we do are loudly interrupted, sometimes every 5-10 minutes starting at 8:30am (depending on the cloudiness and when the sun does break through) by a parade of helicopters overhead. I have complained to as many officials as possible that should have jurisdiction over this issue and they all claim not to be able to do anything and that some other agency is responsible. Over months of contacting government officials and trying to contact the helicopter company directly, there has been no resolution to this issue. Blue Hawaiian has stopped answering my calls and has never responded to my requests to discuss the issue. I refuse to believe that this is the only possible flight plan or that these helicopter companies greatly benefit the state when ownership of the company (Blue Hawaiian) is registered in Colorado and the aircraft are leased from the mainland as well. It is my understanding that this is a long-standing issue with residents and that no resolution has ever been reached. Since I’ve not seen or heard any valid arguments as to why these aircraft cannot fly alternate non-residential routes my assumption has to be that it would cost the tour company more money to alter their route to accommodate the residents of the state. This is not an acceptable answer to benefit a corporate entity over local citizens. I hope that my new home state officials understand that corporate interests do not outweigh those of its residents and will be able to do something about this issue quickly.

Post Author: HANSTF