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Mialisa Otis

July 17, 2021

Today, 7/16, I logged 15 helicopters flying by Waimanalo between 3:15-6:15pm, as part of O’ahu circle island tours. Only 3 out of the 15 flew offshore, which is preferred – to keep our country town quiet. With the constant air traffic from sun up to sun down, it sounds like military training. Many fly way too low across residential areas, causing a noise disturbance like weed wackers on a quiet day. Yesterday, at these same hours, there were the same amount of helicopters. The community was out in force because Rainbow O’ahu Helicopter Tours put an ad on Craigslist. The job description was to pick up a “Marry Me?” banner at the airport and peg the huge 10×60 foot banner in the sand at Waimanalo. That is illegal commercial activity. It is advertised on their website. Our city and state do not allow billboards and no one can do such on DLNR and DHHL land. No amount of money will allow these companies to bribe our community. They’re selling out paradise. There’s no aloha in that. Please consider enforcing helicopters to stay offshore. Besides flying over residential areas, I’m concerned because they also fly low over protected areas where endangered birds live, breed and nest. If people want to feel Hawai’i, it’s better to keep their feet planted and absorb it’s beautiful energy. I have a spreadsheet of when they flew over land between East Honolulu and Waimanalo, and also flight radar screenshots with time stamp of each flight recorded. I’m not able to upload them to this form but can email it to you.
Mialisa Otis
Waimanalo resident

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