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Houston Heller

July 20, 2021

Addressing the congressman’s comments:

BLUEHAWAIIAN helicopter company is breaking compliance by flyingover the residential neighborhoods as opposed to remaining over the volcano National parks forest service, they are flying so low I can read their markings on the sides of their helicopters. Yesterday alone there were 6 helicopters literally back to back flying over my head at 8 am. There are more helicopters over my head and at lower heights than when I lived in downtown Los Angeles. The route they are taking, how low they are flying and the sheer volume of helicopters are all problems. Additionally Blue Hawaiian helicopter company based out of DENVER CO is cheating their clients from what they’ve paid for to be able to view the lava flows and see the island coastline. Blue Hawaiian is specifically one of the rogue companies refusing to comply with regulation.

Post Author: HANSTF