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Houston Heller

July 20, 2021

I agree that the cochairs need to be on this call, it speaks volumes that they cannot be bothered to listen to the community on this issue when it is the community who pays their salary with our tax dollars! Tell them to get off their lazy broke asses and do their job to address our concerns!!!!

The air above my home in Fern Forest Puna Hawaii is a bloody war zone of tourist helicopters!!!! There are more helicopters than there ever were above my head in downtown Los Angeles, this is ridiculous!!!! How many community members need to speak out about Blue Hawaiian helicopter tours based out of DENVER CO ignoring approved flight plans, cheating their clients and flying less than 100 feet above residential neighborhoods. If I can read and see the markings on the helicopters w my naked eye, they are flying entirely too damn low!!!!

Post Author: HANSTF