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Mabel Ann Keliihoomalu

August 11, 2021

I am a member of the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board and have taken an active role in keeping our Waimanalo
healthy. It has come to our board’s attention that the population of visitors has seriously impacted our small community. We already are experiencing stress and unfavorable behaviors that we believe will continue out of control if we do not play an active role in the growth here on these islands. We are pushed to the limits with the constant threat of covid epidemic as the number of people infected increases and we run out of spaces to provide quality isolation? hotel accommodations are unavailable because we have opened our doors to welcome visitors. Even with this issue of tourists utilizing helicopters for site seeing, should be monitored by FAA. We trust FAA, right initially because we believe that it is the Federal Government in whom we trust that they will do right in protecting our people here, we learn that things are not happening in this fashion. We committed to do it for ourselves and trust those with who we have established a relationship and know them for ourselves. Therefore, I want to be of help too.
Please keep us in the loop as we move forward to hold FAA accountable.

Post Author: HANSTF