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Bob For the HICoP Board

Oct. 8, 2021


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For the HICoP Board

From: “Malia Nolan”
To: “rce”
Cc: “Alex Tamoria” , “Barbara Mayer” , “Ford N Fuchigami” , “Info” , “Keith Lusk” , “Ethan McKown” , “Melissa Pavlicek” , “Nestor Garcia” , “Rep. Ed Case” , “alan yamamoto” , “dale hahn” , “hawaiioffice” , “hooverj001” , “kahelehi02” , “karen trevino” , “raquel girvin” , “repaquino” , “repmarten” , “repmatayoshi” , “reptarnas” , “ross higashi” , “senkeohokalole” , “senlee” , “vicki ward”
Sent: Thursday, October 7, 2021 4:29:43 PM
Subject: Re: Regulating Hawaiian skies

Aloha Lisa,

Thank you so much for this. 

Can others from outside your district input data as well? My mom and I have been collecting extensive data since 2017 for the Diamond Head region. We have up to 70 tour helicopter flights per day over our home, and now with the flight path re-routes of larger aircraft from HNL, large jets and propeller planes over our home 24 hours a day in the hundreds instead of several miles offshore over the open ocean, where they always used to. 

I created Quiet Skies Honolulu to being awareness to these issues, but never had a data collection page. People from all over Oahu (and now all over Hawaii) write in daily, feeling helpless, powerless, angry and distraught over the impact tour helicopter noise & fixed-wing aircraft noise is having over their health, peace & lives. 

In my own family home, we tried to mitigate the noise impact by re-installing all of our windows and now have to keep all the doors and windows of our beautiful island home shut day and night. We cannot sleep without ear plugs and loud fans on, cannot use the outdoor shower in our own backyard without risking strangers flying overhead, etc. 

The flight noise on Oahu became so bad I moved to Molokai. I have been horrified to find that tour helicopters are also terrible here! They are constant, even though the people of Molokai unanimously oppose their presence. They fly over from Maui and destroy the daily peace of the east end of this very quiet & peace-loving island, and rob the sanctity of some of the Hawaiian people’s most sacred places. 

Despite years of protest Molokai’s people have been unable to change this, just as years of protest has yielded no results on Oahu, Maui, Kauai or the Big Island. 

I am beginning to understand this issue is nothing short of a public health crisis for Hawaii. I have seen lip service but almost NO action from our elected representatives and leadership, nor any leader-led collaboration to bring teams, leaders, elected representatives & departments together to address this. For this reason I write my most sincere “thank you” for your efforts to begin genuine collaboration among elected leadership, concerned citizens and across departments. 

The volume of air noise we are facing as citizens is severely impacting our health. I get emails every day from people who have had to move, had mental breakdowns, strokes & other severe physical health trauma from the distress caused, children experiencing learning, sleep and focus difficulties, Iraq & Afghanistan veterans experiencing PTSD relapses, people who can no longer sleep, have constant anxiety worrying when the next aircraft or helicopter will fly overhead, and otherwise having their peace, health and well-being deteriorate. 

It is high time something is done. I applaud your efforts and am here to support however I can. 

Thank you,


On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 9:00 AM rce wrote:

Aloha Lisa,

HICoP applauds your efforts to address the Hawaii Tour Copter Noise Debacle that continues to negatively impact our quality of life and safety totally without regulation of the incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution torture of the people on the ground in Hawaii nei.

The FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator has held and attended standing room only public meetings in Hawaii since at least 2017 where the public have pleaded for relief yet totally ignores the issue and has done nothing meaningful to address the issue.

Ross Higashi, HDOT Airports Division met with HICoP in 2016 and HICoP has followed up since yet he has  done nothing meaningful to address the issue.

The Hawaii Congressional Delegation Senators Schatz and Hirono and Rep Kahele, have known about the issue since at least 2016 when a 4 page letter to and/or signed by them was disseminated  yet they have  done nothing meaningful to address the issue.

Only Representative Case has acted and advocated on the tour copter noise issue, Mahalo nui loa Representative Case!

The FAA has provided copter noise relief in an other island jurisdiction, FAA Island Noise Rule 14 CFR Part 93 (  The reason it is an Island copter noise rule is the copters transit routes one mile offshore and the copter noise is not shifted to others. ), which was implemented solely to remove copter noise from communities and homes by mandating copters may not transit over them but must transit 1 mile offshore thereby protecting these communities and homes from any copter noise.  This FAA Noise Rule was implemented in 2012 by the FAA at the urging of the New York CODEL including Senator Schumer.  This FAA Island Noise Rule could very easily be implemented in Hawaii and since all major Hawaii Airports abut open water would be better suited to Hawaii.

Link to FAA copter island noise rule 14 CFR Part 93:

Link to Appeals court ruling HAI v FAA 14 CFR Part 93:

Again Lisa, HICoP applauds your efforts and advocacy for your constituents and will provide support to accomplish the return of serenity to all Hawaii free from totally unnecessary tour copter noise nuisance pollution.



For the HICoP Board

From: “repmarten”
To: “Ford N Fuchigami” , “Alex Tamoria” , “ross higashi” , “senlee” , “repaquino” , “repmatayoshi” , “senkeohokalole” , “raquel girvin” , “Melissa Pavlicek” , “Rep. Ed Case” , “dale hahn” , “McKown, Ethan”,”reptarnas”
Cc: “Info” , “Barbara Mayer”
Sent: Wednesday, October 6, 2021 7:10:33 PM
Subject: Regulating Hawaiian skies

Aloha All,

I want to collaborate with and support all of you working on State and Federal legislation that enables us to regulate the helicopter tour industry in our own skies. I wanted to share some data gathered by my constituents who are deeply bothered by frequent and unrelenting tour helicopters over their homes.  I set up a site for people to input data because the random emails were hitting a dead end at my office with no actual benefit.

Two dedicated constituents – one near the beach in Waimanalo and one inland in Kailua – took extraordinary efforts to track tour helicopter fly overs over their homes.  Their results were similar, in amount and time frame.  You will see that the volume is extraordinary: up to 46 flights a day.  The residents did not purchase a home adjacent to an airport.  They should not have to endure this consistent noise pollution.

Mahalo for your collaboration,




A spread sheet is attached and includes some additional one or two time inputs.  Below is a summary of the data compiled by the two who monitored consistently for a period of time.  It was counted only if they could both hear it and also get a visual confirmation that it was a commercial type helicopter.  

Waimanalo, Beach Lots: Data was taken from 8 am – 5 pm. 

All flights started over the coast, turned inland, and then headed directly for the Pali.

8/11/21 – 33 flights (with no data collected from 1:45-2:15)

8/12/21 – 46 flights (with no data collected from 1:25-1:40)

8/14/21 – 41 flights (with no data collected from 9:14-9:40 & 1:10-1:35)

8/15/21 – 27 flights (with no data collected from 1:10-1:36)

Kailua, Pohakupu Subdivision: 

9/6/21 – 9 flights from 9 am-2:20 pm

9/15/21 – 8 flights from 9 am-12:12 pm 

9/18/21 – 15 flights from 8 am-3:47 pm

Representative Lisa Marten

Vice Chair, Energy & Environmental Protection Committee

District 51 – Waimanalo – Kailua

Post Author: HANSTF