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Malia Nolan

October 8, 2021

Aloha again all.
Here is a screenshot from a single, average weekday moment on East Molokai. We have 30+ tour helicopters per day fly over my home here, the “quietest” of all the islands. This is all traffic from Maui despite YEARS of protest from Molokai’s people. They fly over every 7-10 minutes, 7 days per week, from sunrise until dusk. Each aircraft can be heard ~ and the vibrations felt ~ in a radius of several miles. 
This industry has completely destroyed Hawaii’s peace. Your board’s lack of ANY meaningful collaborative action in service of and protection of Hawaii’s people, communities and public health, despite YEARS of community cries for change, neighborhood & city resolutions, and efforts to have control over the noise footprint of our homes and the land we live our lives on, is absolutely unconscionable. 
On Oahu, citizens have written in to Quiet Skies Honolulu reporting numbers up to 100 tour aircraft per day flying over their homes around Pearl Harbor, in the 70s+ per day around Diamond Head, Waimanalo, Kailua, and all coastal communities. 
Consider the noise impact of one tour flight. With the noise footprint being in a radius of several miles, one “around the island” tour on Oahu negatively impacts literally hundreds of thousands of people. And there are over a hundred flights per day. 
On Molokai, our ENTIRE East End population is negatively impacted by every flight, every single day. They have absolutely destroyed our peace despite being wholly unwelcome. 
On Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai, it is the same. 
The impacts of this incessant noise on our residents health are severe and they are real. 
We are gathering, we are uniting, and we absolutely FED UP. 


Post Author: HANSTF