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From: rce
Date: Mon, Oct 18, 2021 at 5:24 AM
To: Melissa Pavlicek , media

Aloha Melissa,

I was referring to the posting of the email below regarding the October 19, 2021 meeting not being posted to the  Public Comments Received.

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For the HICoP Board

From: “Melissa Pavlicek”
To: “rce”
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2021 1:37:47 AM

Aloha yes, the meeting has been posted:

Hawaii Public Policy Advocates, LLC

1099 Alakea Street, Suite 2530

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

(808) 447-1840

On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 5:16 AM rce wrote:

Aloha Melissa,

I have not seen the email below that pertains to the October 19, 2021 HANSTF meeting and sent to HANSTF posted yet?



For the HICoP Board

From: “rce”
To: “media”
Cc: “Melissa Pavlicek” , “raquel girvin” , “Keith Lusk” , “ross higashi”
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 3:57:10 PM


Please note the date on the FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator email below,  June 22, 2017.

To date the FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator has not taken any meaningful action to provide relief to the people of Hawaii who suffer daily totally unnecessarily from incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution.

The letter states;  We’ve also had a number of discussions with Helicopter Association International (HAI), specifically with regard to helicopter tour noise issues on the Islands.

Since 2017 HICoP is not aware that HAI did anything meaningful regarding  helicopter tour noise issues on the Islands.

Prior to this 2017 date HAI sued the FAA in HAI v FAA to stop the FAA Island Noise Rule that was promulgated by the FAA for the sole purpose of prohibiting copters from transiting over Long Island thereby removing copter noise from Long Island communities and inhabitants.  The Court found for the FAA and fully supported FAA Island Noise Rule 14 CFR Part 93.

Link to FAA copter island noise rule 14 CFR Part 93:

Link to Appeals court ruling HAI v FAA 14 CFR Part 93

Now HANSTF, according to the published agenda for the October 19, 2021 Meeting,  “designation of Communications Chair Cade Clark as the task foce co-chair.”

So now HANSTF will have a co-chair that represents an organization that has been aware of the Hawaii tour copter noise debacle since at least June 2017 but also represents an organization that litigated the FAA so as to stop a noise rule that would protect the people of Long Island from copter noise.

Is this really how HANSTF will fulfill its goal and purpose,  The goal of the task force is to address noise and safety concerns pertaining to the Hawaii air tour industry, which may include changes or recommendations to change federal, state, and local laws and rules. by naming a co-chair who represents an organization that has a track record of opposing FAA copter noise rules through litigation?

Maybe appointing at least one community member to the already totally industry oriented HANSTF should be considered?



For the HICoP Board 

From: “Keith Lusk”
To: “Webmail rce1”
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 5:18:33 PM

Hi Bob

Thank you for your email below asking for an update on FAA activities since the March 2017 meeting in Hilo.  Our purpose in conducting that meeting, as well as some others that week, was to hear firsthand from the  elected officials, community members, and air tour operators about the helicopter noise issue – specifically with regards to flight activity between Hilo Airport and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  We heard a lot and gained a better understanding of the issue and the associated complexities.  The National Park Service was our partner in conducting those meetings and we will  continue to work closely with them moving forward as Hawaii Volcanoes is the primary tour attraction on the Big Island. 

FAA is committed to continue working with all stakeholders in developing potential  measures to address concerns about helicopter  noise.  The FAA is exploring appropriate forums to facilitate this dialogue.  We’ve had a couple of discussions with Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) about enlisting their assistance in setting up some type of community noise roundtable or similar type forum to help address these issues.  Our experience finds that the most effective measures are those that are developed at the local level and are supported by local consensus.  These forums also help avoid outcomes that might simply shift noise from one community to another. 

We’ve also had a number of discussions with Helicopter Association International (HAI), specifically with regard to helicopter tour noise issues on the Islands.  In part as a result of the March meetings and to fill a fairly long standing void, we have been told that there is an HAI affiliate being set up for the Hawaiian Islands.   This local organizational stand up will be beneficial in addressing helicopter noise concerns by providing a collective voice from  that side of the stakeholder spectrum.  We understand that the HAI affiliate will just not be limited to  air tour operators but will likely include other operators including electronic news gathering and first responders.

We’ve also set up a high level interagency (FAA/NPS) telcon in the coming weeks to discuss park proposals for tour activity over Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (as well as Haleakala), and coordinating next steps moving forward.   I hope this update helps. 


Keith Lusk

From: Robert Ernst
Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2017 11:08 PM
To: Lusk, Keith (FAA)
Cc: vicki ward

Aloha Keith,

My name is Bob Ernst and I am on the Board of HICoP, ( Hawaii Island Coalition Malama Pono ).  The sole purpose of HICoP is to address the incessant near constant tour helicopter noise on Hawaii Island.

HICoP presented at the FAA/NPS meeting on March 30, 2017 in Hilo, Hawaii.  HICoP was represented at that meeting by Board Members Storm Steiger and Daryl Soares.  Many others at that meeting spoke about the quality of life destroying tour helicopter noise.

At that meeting HICoP advocated for the solution the FAA has used on Long Island, 14 CFR Part 93.  That offshore route solution would practically remove helicopter noise from Hawaii Island and restore the serenity to the Island that the residents need and deserve.  The offshore route also has many benefits for the tour helicopter operators.

At recent Town Hall Meetings both Senator Schatz and Representative Gabbard, in response to constituent complaints about tour helicopter noise, recognized the tour helicopter noise impacts have been going on for far too long and a solution is long overdue..

The Annual Report for 2016 shows there were 15,469 helicopter overflights in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the highest number yet since 2013, and since the copters fly in and out of the Park the transit overflights are double that, 30938, or an average of almost 85 overflights per day.  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has more tour helicopter overflights than any other individual Park in the Nation.

Can you please bring HICoP up to date as to what the FAA has done since the March 30 meeting and what the FAA plans to do regarding the tour helicopter noise on Hawaii Island.

Thank you,

Bob Ernst

Post Author: HANSTF