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I would like to comment on the issue of increasing commercial helicopter tours we are subjected to on a daily basis. We have lived peacefully in our home of 25 years, at the base of the Ko’olau Mountain Range. Now, it is helicopter tours daily, all day long, sometimes coming in a row like LAX as they circle and hover over our residential developments, we can neither ignore nor block out the incessant noise intrusions. Occasionally two are circling each other like a Star Wars game as they go in and out of the craggy vertical faces of the Ko’olaus. It rivals helicopter noise during the Vietnam War! Since when did we become what feels like a helicopter freeway over our homes? We have installed double-paned windows with slight improvement, but the impact on our health remains significant. Gardening and enjoyment of our private yards without anxiety and fear are in the past. Are we waiting for another crash as happened in Kailua some years ago? It is a matter of WHEN not IF a crash will occur over a residential neighborhood such as mine. This has become a public health issue……please address it.

I applaud you for all your efforts, and look forward to relief.

Thank you,
Ina van Hest. M.D.

Post Author: HANSTF