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From: Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi
Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 1:36 PM
To: Barbara Mayer ; Ina van Hest
Subject: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise

Aloha to all,

I agree with Barbara Mayer about sharing our personal experiences but maybe in addition, a log of these shared experiences might make a stronger and more complete picture of helicopter disturbances.  Perhaps a PUBLIC log might be good [possible to create a website]…and divided between military and civilian helicopters.

I live in Kaimuki 2 and half blocks from H-1 freeway, which is supposedly the flight path for military helicopters going eastward to Big Island for training.  Every once in a while, I will get a phone call asking me [in real time] if I can hear the low-flying helicopters or that the helicopters are directly overhead, not following H-1 highway closely, i.e, 2 blocks to the side of H-1 highway.  Fyi—those helicopters flying 2 blocks mauka of H-1 highway sometimes result in complaints from St. Louis Hts and Maunalani Hts [both close to H-1 highway] that residents see helicopters level [at same height] with their homes in the heights.

Nestor Garcia of Congressman Case’s office: hi, Nestor.  

        Maybe you can pass on suggestions to the military:

    1.  to remind helicopter pilots that they should be flying at least 500 feet above ground, not 500 feet altitude, which would put helicopters closer to the ground when flying over the ‘hill’ of Kaimuki.

      2. to fly at a bit higher than 500 feet above ground, not close/exactly 500 feet above ground…because flying close to 500 above ground results in complaints of violations.

      3. when more than one military helicopters fly together, which increases the noise, multiple helicopters should an extra bit higher than a single helicopter does.

As to civilian helicopters – there is no enforcement of rules by FAA or anyone, so they do anything they can get away with…which is anything!

/Bertrand Kobayashi

State Representative

Diamond Head, Kahala, Kaimuki, Kapahulu

From: Barbara Mayer
Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 10:14 AM
To: Ina van Hest
Subject: Re: Tour Helicopter Noise

Thank you Ina,

I think it might move helicopter prohibitions along, the more we share our personal experiences and bring this issue to our representatives.  (There’s a loud tourist helicopter going over my Waimānalo home as I type.)

You have brought up this issue of safety; good.  I have a friend who started his career as a young man, a videographer with one of the local TV stations.  He later started his own company and had a full professional life.  He said he would never fly in a helicopter, a flying machine with only one propeller!

I have not wanted to mention it, but I think another safety concern is with angry citizens aiming lazers at noisy helicopters.  Of course, neither you nor I would ever, ever do such a thing…but I fear there are people who would, if they were angry enough.

We must have restrictions on helicopters (and small, tourist planes)!

Barbara Mayer

MS; nature, science educator

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 9:08 AM Ina van Hest wrote:


I would like to comment on the issue of increasing commercial helicopter tours we are subjected to on a daily basis.  We have lived peacefully in our home of 25 years, at the base of the Ko’olau Mountain Range.   Now, it is helicopter tours daily, all day long, sometimes coming in a row like LAX as they circle and hover over our residential developments, we can neither ignore nor block out the incessant noise intrusions.   Occasionally  two are circling each other like a Star Wars game as they go in and out of the craggy vertical faces of the Ko’olaus.  It rivals helicopter noise during the Vietnam War!  Since when did we become what feels like a helicopter freeway over our homes?  We have installed double-paned windows with slight improvement,  but the impact on our health remains significant.   Gardening and enjoyment of our private yards without anxiety and fear are in the past.  Are we waiting for another crash as happened in Kailua some years ago?   It is a matter of WHEN not IF a crash will occur over a residential neighborhood such as mine.  This has become a public health issue……please address it.

I applaud you for all your efforts, and look forward to relief.

Thank you,
Ina van Hest. M.D.

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