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Kimeona Kane

Aloha Nui,

O Kimeona kēia, kupa wau o ka ʻāina Waimānalo. E ʻoluʻolu, mai ka pono ʻole. Pono ʻoukou e lohe i nā leo o ke kaiaulu.

Mahalo a nui.


My name is Kimeona, I am a child of Waimānalo. Please, stop these wrong doings. Listen to the voices of the community.

Thank you.

I want to disclosure that I am the Chair of the Waimānalo Neighborhood Board and have been fielding concerns of helicopter distrubances for years. Today, I speak to you as a deeply concerned member of the community. Our community, like so many others, is plagued by the impacts of helicopter traffic, and for years, unmanaged flights including tour and military have continued to wreck havoc on our lifestyle and wellbeing. The tragedies that have happened are a reminder that these flights should never be conducted over the community where it risks our lives on the ground. Please support the community of Waimānalo and others, listen to their voices and stop the disrespectful behaviors that continue to add stress on the people.
I can totally support the use of helicopters for medical and emergency response teams, but the tour and “training” flights that seem to very off expected routes and over our community should cease.
I can be reached for question at 808 398 8989 and

Thank you,
Kimeona Kane