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From: rce
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 5:56 AM
Subject: Re: 4 military helicopters today–RE: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise – PCNB NB INPUT
To: Jacqueline Conant

Aloha Jackie,

HICoP appreciates your response and the efforts of Representative Case has had with the Hawaii based military to have Aloha with the communities of Hawaii so as to eliminate as much as possible noise from military aircraft operations.  Yes, military readiness is important and so is the quality of life of all communities in Hawaii.

It is a shame that similar efforts by Representative Case regarding incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution did not receive the same cooperation from the tour copter operators, HDOT Airports División, nor the FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator. 

To date the tour copter operators have had no Aloha for the Hawaii communities they do business in. 



For the HICoP Board

From: “Jacqueline Conant”
To: “Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi” , “Nestor Garcia” , “Debra Laeha” , “Barbara Mayer”

Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2021 1:54:39 PM
Subject: RE: 4 military helicopters today–RE: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise – PCNB NB INPUT


The information provided below is from the USMC office regarding military training that is occurring.

The Army also recently published a training advisory for activities that begin on October 12:

All Army Training Advisory’s:

Please check out the links regarding their training activities and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.



Deputy Chief of Staff

Office of Congressman Ed Case

(808) 650-6688|(808) 533-0133 fax

From: Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2021 1:12 PM
To: Garcia, Nestor ; Debra Laeha ; Barbara Mayer

Subject: 4 military helicopters today–RE: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise – PCNB NB INPUT

Aloha, Nestor of Congressman Ed Case’s office,

Help request:

Please provide report to me and to those on this email list.

Could you find out the altitude of 4 military helicopters flying over Kaimuki today, Oct. 18th:

a. at 10:14 – two/2 military [single-rotor with ‘thick’ tails]helicopters flying eastward, not over H-! highway but more like over Kaimuki Ave [a block and half makai of H-1 highway].  Maybe flying around 500 feet or lower over ground.  [Remember all Kaimuki city blocks east of Kaimuki fire station are 600 feet by 400 feet]

b. at 10:56 – one/1 military [single rotor with ‘thin’ tail] helicopter flying eastward, not over H-1 highway but maybe over Kaimuki Ave or slightly mauka of Kaimuki ave [a block makai of H-1 highway].  Maybe flying slightly higher than prior helicopters in item (a) above, about 500 feet over ground.

c.  at 12:10 – one/1 military [single rotor with ‘thin’ tail] helicopter flying eastward, likely over H-1 highway.  Maybe about 1500 feet over ground.

            -why was this helicopter flying at perhaps triple [3 times] the altitude as helicopter in item (b) above?  Were instructions/flight path given by FAA different from this 12:10 helicopter? …and if so, why were FAA instructions different only for this helicopter?

/Bertrand Kobayashi

State Representative

Diamond Head, Kahala, Kaimuki, Kapahulu

From: Debra Laeha
Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 4:48 PM
To: Barbara Mayer

Subject: Re: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise – PCNB NB INPUT

Yes, it is a major problem that will only get worse if nothing is done.  No need for binoculars. The FlightRadar24 app has tail no., altitude and other flight info.  Also..please sign the petition on the Quiet Skies Honolulu website 

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021, 4:03 PM Barbara Mayer wrote:

Hi friends,

Wow; I had no idea tourist helicopter noise was such an issue for many of us around Oʻahu!  

FYI, attached is my data table & Ppt. that I shared with my Waimānalo Neighborhood Board meeting this past August 9.  (Can you tell I’m a retired science teacher?!)  I’ve also shared this info with my Rep., Lisa Marten, and my Senator, Chris Lee.  

Perhaps if other people are able to document flights over their areas, our case against random tourist helicopter flights will be that much stronger.  (But be prepared!  It’s no fun to do 4 days of running outside with binoculars to document these overflights!)


Barb Mayer

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 3:33 PM Debra Laeha wrote:


My family has lived in Maunawili for over 20 years. Our once peaceful valley is now inundated by commercial tour helicopters that crisscross our home all day, every day.  Prior to Covid, there was a tour helicopter overhead every 4-5 minutes, all day, every day. With the resurgence of tourism, these numbers have once again become unbearable.  Loud, low-flying military helicopters are making this already out-of-control situation even worse.

Tour helicopters fly over our community even on rainy, cloudy days, despite their lack of the equipment needed to navigate safely under these conditions. The need for this equipment was evidenced by the tragic tour helicopter crash that occurred under overcast conditions in Kailua Town in 2019 when the pilot, operating under only Visual Flight Rules (VFR), became disoriented by cloud cover.  This is a huge safety concern for my family.

Through our collective voices–across all Islands–I am hopeful that we can make changes to the tour helicopter industry so that the health and welfare of our communities is once again valued over the tourist buck. 

Deb Laeha

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 2:55 PM E. Funakoshi wrote:

Aloha chair

There also was a letter to the editor a couple of months ago on the same subject which I read to our board and the military representatives.

We just had a flyover this morning that shook my house.  Our concerns for our health due to the noise and fear of one crashing on our homes is a real threat.  I’m glad Representative Kobayashi is sharing our concerns also.

elayne funakoshi

Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 5:09 PM
To: ‘Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi’

Subject: RE: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise – PCNB NB INPUT

Rep Kobayashi,

We are having the same issue is Pearl City. I have expressed our concerns about civilian tour helicopters flying too low over residential areas of Pearl City. In addition, we engaged both the Marines and Army with their flights over Pearl City. Yes, they have an FAA approved air route that follows the H2 from Wheeler to the H1 Eastbound and Westbound flight paths but quite often they deviate offset 2,000 feet North of H1 which places their flight path dangerously over schools, hospitals and residential areas in case they have an in-flight emergency. 

I have taken up these issues in our Pearl City Neighborhood Board meetings and had the military Army and Marines brief us on their operations to include training. We asked them to remind their pilots to be mindful that their low altitude, slow duration flights negatively impact the residential community from 0650-2315 hours mostly weekly.

We are still having issues with the military flights over Pearl City. Senator Misalucha may be sending the Army Garrison her letter. I recommend you please contact her and maybe jointly you work this issue.

If the helicopters fly above 1500 feet and increase their air speed, they will mitigate the disruptive noise. It is the Apache helos that have been the problem. The Chinook’s have been flying possibly at above 2500 Ft over central Oahu with minimum noise impact.

This morning, a USCG helo at a very low altitude below 400 feet, hot dogging with his sweep from downtown honolulu around Pearl Harbor and then beeline to Barbers Point airfield. Probably with a VIP onboard.. Their helos are much more quiet than the Apache and Cobra helos. When the Marine Osprey fly over Pearl City, our roofs vibrate and dust come off the ceilings.

WE need tighter controls over negatively impacting noise for our community. Importantly, when the helo comes down due to mechanical failure ( IT WILL HAPPEN), we don’t want it coming down on our residents, schools and hospitals.

Larry Veray

Chair, Pearl City Neighborhood Board No. 21

(808) 221-2503


From: “Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi”
To: “Barbara Mayer”, “Ina van Hest”
Cc: “media”, “Melissa Pavlicek”, “wheretalkworks”, Jade”, “ross higashi”, “Ford N Fuchigami”, “Alex Tamoria”, “Rep. Lisa Marten”, “Rep. Scot Z. Matayoshi”, “Sen. Jarrett Keohokalole”, “Rep. David A. Tarnas”, “Councilmember Tommy Waters”, “rce”, “Dan Brown”, “Eileen Hilton MD”, “LVERAY”, “billhicksknb”, “Roberta Mayor”, “Rich Turbin”, “dylanparmstrong”, “Debra Laeha”, “Lani Blissard”, “Jeanne Herbert”, “Bruce Lum”, “hooverj001”, “Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi”, “Rep. Ed Case”, “Jacqueline Conant”, “Nestor Garcia”, “kahelehi02”, “Grace Ichikawa”, “Davin Aoyagi”,
Sent: Friday October 15 2021 7:35:34PM
Subject: Agree with Barbara M–RE: Tour Helicopter Noise

Aloha to all,

I agree with Barbara Mayer about sharing our personal experiences but maybe in addition, a log of these shared experiences might make a stronger and more complete picture of helicopter disturbances.  Perhaps a PUBLIC log might be good [possible to create a website]…and divided between military and civilian helicopters.

I live in Kaimuki 2 and half blocks from H-1 freeway, which is supposedly the flight path for military helicopters going eastward to Big Island for training.  Every once in a while, I will get a phone call asking me [in real time] if I can hear the low-flying helicopters or that the helicopters are directly overhead, not following H-1 highway closely, i.e, 2 blocks to the side of H-1 highway.  Fyi—those helicopters flying 2 blocks mauka of H-1 highway sometimes result in complaints from St. Louis Hts and Maunalani Hts [both close to H-1 highway] that residents see helicopters level [at same height] with their homes in the heights.

Nestor Garcia of Congressman Case’s office: hi, Nestor.  

        Maybe you can pass on suggestions to the military:

    1.  to remind helicopter pilots that they should be flying at least 500 feet above ground, not 500 feet altitude, which would put helicopters closer to the ground when flying over the ‘hill’ of Kaimuki.

      2. to fly at a bit higher than 500 feet above ground, not close/exactly 500 feet above ground…because flying close to 500 above ground results in complaints of violations.

      3. when more than one military helicopters fly together, which increases the noise, multiple helicopters should an extra bit higher than a single helicopter does.

As to civilian helicopters – there is no enforcement of rules by FAA or anyone, so they do anything they can get away with…which is anything!

/Bertrand Kobayashi

State Representative

Diamond Head, Kahala, Kaimuki, Kapahulu

From: Barbara Mayer
Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 10:14 AM
To: Ina van Hest

Subject: Re: Tour Helicopter Noise

Thank you Ina,

I think it might move helicopter prohibitions along, the more we share our personal experiences and bring this issue to our representatives.  (There’s a loud tourist helicopter going over my Waimānalo home as I type.)

You have brought up this issue of safety; good.  I have a friend who started his career as a young man, a videographer with one of the local TV stations.  He later started his own company and had a full professional life.  He said he would never fly in a helicopter, a flying machine with only one propeller!

I have not wanted to mention it, but I think another safety concern is with angry citizens aiming lazers at noisy helicopters.  Of course, neither you nor I would ever, ever do such a thing…but I fear there are people who would, if they were angry enough.

We must have restrictions on helicopters (and small, tourist planes)!

Barbara Mayer

MS; nature, science educator

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 9:08 AM Ina van Hest wrote:


I would like to comment on the issue of increasing commercial helicopter tours we are subjected to on a daily basis.  We have lived peacefully in our home of 25 years, at the base of the Ko’olau Mountain Range.   Now, it is helicopter tours daily, all day long, sometimes coming in a row like LAX as they circle and hover over our residential developments, we can neither ignore nor block out the incessant noise intrusions.   Occasionally  two are circling each other like a Star Wars game as they go in and out of the craggy vertical faces of the Ko’olaus.  It rivals helicopter noise during the Vietnam War!  Since when did we become what feels like a helicopter freeway over our homes?  We have installed double-paned windows with slight improvement,  but the impact on our health remains significant.   Gardening and enjoyment of our private yards without anxiety and fear are in the past.  Are we waiting for another crash as happened in Kailua some years ago?   It is a matter of WHEN not IF a crash will occur over a residential neighborhood such as mine.  This has become a public health issue……please address it.

I applaud you for all your efforts, and look forward to relief.

Thank you,
Ina van Hest. M.D.

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