Gary Harrold

November 14, 2020

A noisy environment harms the immune system. Tour helicopters disturb my meditations and rattle my nervous system when I am resting. Older people need all immune health and serenity. One great aspect of the pandemic is the lack of helicopter noise. Gary in Hilo

Jeannine Johnson

November 24, 2020

Until the pandemic, my East Honolulu neighborhood experienced loud invasions of helicopter noise on a daily, even hourly, basis. It is more than just a nuisance. It negatively impacts our quality of life, afflicting our health with undue stress, disrupting our sleep and depriving us the right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes. If I had neighbors as noisy as the helicopters who fly incessantly overhead, I could ask HPD for help. I’ve called the FAA to report noisy helicopters as late as 11 pm, as early as 4 am, and numerous times in-between without relief. Is it fair that residents have to suffer endlessly while the helicopter industry suffers no consequences? Prohibiting all commercial flights of tour helicopters and small commercial aircraft over our residential neighborhoods is not just a noise issue, it’s a safety issue. Over the past 40 years, there have been more than 60 crashes in Hawai‘i, nearly 20 with fatalities. In total, over 50 passengers and 11 pilots have died, with helicopters crashing into not just airstrips, but downtown and our homes. Mahalo for your kōkua in making Hawai‘i better safer and more livable for residents.

Debra Laeha

November 26, 2020

The out-of-control tour helicopter industry on Oahu needs to be addressed. We have lived and raised our family in Maunawili for 20 years. Over the past 4-5 years, we have been inundated with tour helicopters and their incessant drone in our peaceful valley. During the peak tourist summer season prior to Covid, there were as many as 14 helicopters overhead/hour…that is one EVERY FOUR MINUTES!

Tour helicopters fly over Mt. Olomana and into the Maunawili Community even on rainy, cloudy, despite their lack of the equipment needed to navigate safely under these conditions. The need for this equipment is evidenced by the tragic tour helicopter accident that occurred under overcast conditions in Kailua Town in 2019. Because tour helicopters are only capable of operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), it is especially dangerous to those of us living on the Windward side of the Island where weather conditions are unpredictable (a fact that the tour operators have openly acknowledged).

We have had face-to-face conversations with the Hawaii Helicopter Association and various helicopter tour operators about our safety and noise concerns. While some operators (Novictor and Hawaii Pacific Aviation) have made some adjustments to occasionally vary their routes, others continue to blast our homes with impunity. One operator, in particular, has operated uncontrolled/unregulated by the FAA for so long that he deems himself “untouchable”. At a 2019 Kailua Board meeting, this operator actually taunted a concerned citizen saying “good luck” trying to enact any control over the tour helicopter industry since no one has been successful in doing so after 25 years of trying. SERIOUSLY??…this has been an issue for 25 YEARS and nothing has been done to effectively control the helicopter tour industry? It is not a wonder that we find ourselves in this desperate situation with a tour helicopter industry gone amuck.

Through our collective voices across all Islands, I am hoping we can make changes to the tour helicopter industry so that the health and welfare of our communities are valued over the tourist buck.

Lynne Ruess

November 29, 2020


It’s not just Maui and Kauai! The Makiki area of Oahu is negatively impacted by air traffic noise every day.

I live in lower Manoa/Makiki area near Punahou School and NextGen created a flight path for military and commercial helicopters and small fixed wing aircraft overhead. A near constant stream of them, clearly following the same flight path. They run from before sunrise, throughout the day and most of the night.

The house rattles, we have to suspend conversation or pause a movie on t.v. and they disrupt our sleep each time a plane or helicopter flies over.

Please re-direct the NextGEn superhighway over the ocean and restore the pre-NextGen patterns as closely as possible and bring back our relatively quiet city neighborhood!

David Montgomerie

December 1, 2020

Excessive helicopter noise levels
In Hawaii.

I’m writing in support of the ongoing effort to require a reduction of commercial helicopter flight noise levels affecting residents of the Island of Hawaii.
In normal times helicopter noise levels mauka of the Laupahoehoe region are so bad that conversation in the home is impossible for one to two minutes as a flight approaches This happens perhaps 5 time daily, I estimate. The helicopters operating from Hilo produce far higher noise levels than do the Blue Hawaiian aircraft, and should not be permitted to operate in Hawaii, as I understand is the case elsewhere in the US for those machines.
Currently, helicopter noise levels, or corporate profits above all else, penalize Big Island residents and compromise our right to a relatively peaceful existence in the State of Hawaii. The best interests of citizens of Hawaii should be a priority.


David Montgomerie

Jacqueline Conant

December 4, 2020

Would like to get answers for these questions in today’s meeting. Congressman Case is unable to attend today.

I won’t make today. Would like you to ask four questions for me in the meeting:

(1) What specific changes in industry procedures have been implemented or agreed to as a result of your first two public meetings?

(2) What specific timetable with specific action items has been adopted to respond specifically to public concerns raised in these meetings?

(3) I again specifically ask for a full copy for public review and comment of the latest draft of the anticipated updated Hawai’i Air Tour Common Procedures Manual. I have made this request repeatedly to both the FAA and the industry. The FAA says it is the industry’s draft and the industry can provide, while the industry says it is the FAA’s to provide. As neither the FAA nor the industry has any objection to the other providing, please confirm now jointly that it will be produced at this time.

(4) There are various reports of tour helicopters operating over the past months without ADS-B turned on. The result is that specific identifying information is not available to track flights and report issues. Will the industry confirm that it is required to turn on ADS-B throughout all flights or, if it claims it is not required, that all industry members are doing so voluntarily? If any industry member is not turning on ADS-B, why not?

Deputy Chief of Staff
Office of Congressman Ed Case (HI-01)
1132 Bishop St., Suite 1910


Aloha Hawaii Air Noise and Safety Taskforce Members,

More hearings are not going to solve the Hawaii Tour Copter Debacle, the continuing torture of the people on the ground in Hawaii from the incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution, meaningful action by those responsible is way past due..

Ross Higashi, HDOTA Airports Division Deputy Director, first met with HICoP on August 9, 2016 in Hilo and heard in detail how the tour copters were impacting those on the ground.  Ross was the co-sponsor with FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator Dennis Roberts at the April 16, 2018 Nani Mau public hearing and Ross was present to hear the publics’ testimony, the same that he had heard before and the same that he will hear again today.

HDOTA Deputy Director Ross Higashi knows well the tour copter noise nuisance pollution debacle problem in Hawaii yet has taken no meaningful action to date.  Ross, when are you going to to do your job and address this on going  Airports Division disaster? The solution is so simple.

Dennis Roberts/Raquel Garvin, FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator have participated in multiple hearings on Hawaii Island where packed public meetings told Roberts of the unbearable incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution.  These hearings took place on March 30, 2017 and April 16, 2018.

The FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator Raquel Garvin knows well the tour copter noise nuisance pollution debacle problem in Hawaii yet has taken no meaningful action to date.  Raquel, when are you going to do your job and take meaningful action to address this on going FAA disaster?  The solution is so simple.

Blue Hawaiian – Eric Lincoln, Paradise – Calvin Dorn, Safari – Preston Meyer, Sunshine – Paul Morris, Hawaii Island tour copter operators, met with HICoP on October 4, 2016 and HICoP told them in detail how their tour copter operations were negatively impacting those on the ground with their incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution.  HICoP suggested a solution at that meeting. 

Blue Hawaiian, Paradise, Safari, Sunshine,  know well the tour copter noise nuisance pollution debacle problem in Hawaii yet have taken no meaningful action to date.  Tour Copter Operators, when are you going to address your operational negative impacts and take meaningful action to address this ongoing Hawaii Tour Copter Debacle disaster and stop alientating the communities you do business in and show some Aloha?  The solution is so simple.

Senators Schatz and Hirono, Representative Gabbard, received a 4 page letter dated September 28, 2016, describing in detail the Hawaii Tour Copter Debacle and requesting them as the Hawaii Congressional Delegation to address the tour copter issue.  That letter was written and signed by then State Senator Kahele and now Representative Elect Kahele.  Both Schatz and Gabbard had town halls on Hawaii Island on April 19, 2017, where they heard in detail from their constituents how the incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution was destroying their lives.

Schatz, Hirono, Gabbard, Kahele know well the tour copter noise nuisance pollution debacle problem in Hawaii yet have taken no meaningful action to date.  Senators Schatz and Hirono, when are you going to do your job, represent your constituents and take meaningful action to address this on going disaster for your suffering constituents ?  The solution is so simple.

It should be recognized that only Representative Ed Case has come forward and with truly meaningful actions represented all the people of Hawaii regarding the incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution Hawaii debacle.  Mahalo nui loa Ed!

The tour copter issue is so simple, transiting over occupied properties, inflicting the noise footprint totally unnecessarily on those on the ground.

The tour copter noise nuisance pollution solution is so simple, do not transit over occupied properties thereby removing the offending tour copter noise footprint.

Due to home isolation from the virus and the halt in tour copter operations due to the virus restrictions, the people on the ground in Hawaii now know and have experienced life without tour copter noise torture and yearn for this experienced serenity to become permanent as it should.

Of course the solution would be well received by your constituents when serenity is returned to them free from incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution but the solution is also of great benefit to the tour copter operators, since all complaints would cease and so would the clamour for meaningful action, action that has taken place in other jurisdictions where tour copter operations have been eliminated and/or severely limited, and all would live happily thereafter in Hawai nei with Aloha.

HICoP’s only goal and purpose is to restore serenity to Hawaii free from incessant tour copter noise nuisance pollution.



For the HICoP Board

Rogelio Angelo Marasigan

December 2, 2020


I have friends/family whom live in remote areas on East Side Big Island. They have purchased a large plot with hard earned money, they are also proceeding with heavy work load in order to upkeep the maintenance in their produce and landscape of property. It is very disturbing to have a constant schedule of helicopters hovering over the property.
It is well deserved that property owners in these remote areas obtain their full privacy and sense of peace.

Thank you,

Rogelio Angelo Marasigan

Argon Steel

December 2, 2020


I’ve lived in Hawaii since 1999 and in Hilo for the last 3 years. As long as I’ve lived here, everyday citizens have been begging helicopter tour companies to show some aloha and imploring our Federal, State and Local governments to carry out greater regulation. In all this time, the problem with excessive helicopter noise has been simply getting worse and the only answer we get from government is to set up yet another “commission” to “study the problem.” There is no more need for study! It’s quite simple; a few people are gaining a great deal of wealth at the expense of the vast majority of the Hawaii Island population.

If I was to generate helicopter-level noise on my property, I would have the police shutting me down in a heartbeat. But helicopter tour operators subject our communities to this level of annoyance daily and repeatedly, and in spite of wide-spread community opposition, the problem just keeps on getting worse with nothing done.

At this point, since it has become apparent that there is no way to regulate helicopter noise, I urge you to simply ban all helicopter tour operations in Hawaii.

Thank you.

Argon Steel

David Allen

December 2, 2020


We live in Kukuihaele and have the tour helicopters visiting our area daily which is not really a problem until some “hot shot’ pilots make the machine LOUD in tight turns and smaneuvers.  They Can fly quietly but many times don’t as it must be a thrill to be inside to hear the machine growl. 

All we want is quiet flights.


David Allen