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  • FAA launches Weather Camera system in Hawaii modeled on the weather camera system pioneered in Alaska
    In 2013, the NTSB recommended that a Weather Camera (WX CAM) system like the one in Alaska be implemented in Hawaii (  The FAA and Hawaii’s helicopter operators have been working for many years to establish a WX CAM network in the state.  Funding for the system was the last obstacle to overcome.  Hawaii Weather Cameras are now funded.  As of early October, this system has two WX CAMs on Kauai that are used daily by pilots conducting a variety of operations from the transportation of natural resources crews into remote locations, tour flights, powerline patrols, rescue operations, photography flights, external load operations, etc.  Twenty two additional WX CAM sites have been selected and the FAA reports that they hope to have these additional sites leased before the end of the calendar year.  Installation of the WX CAMs at the sites throughout the state will follow fairly soon after the leasing process has been completed.  The publicly available website will enhance the safety of all aviation operations in the state.  
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